Wildfire Report is a new system that allows both the public as well as professionals access to timely and actionable wildfire information that is contextually relevant to the individual, or those helping to battle active wildfires.

Wildfire.Report takes a concept envisioned and tested in a manual fashion starting in 2014, and brings it to an automated machine learning system utilizing the power of the IBM Cloud. A prototype implementation of the Wildfire.Report system was created for the 2018 Call For Code global hackathon event.

An enhanced system and mobile app are currently in beta testing phase, and will be providing wildfire situation reports starting 2019 based on mixed data sets including, but not limited to MODIS/VIIRS Data, US Forest Service Data Sets, NOAA and National Weather Service weather forecasting data, as well as custom data sources.

The information can then be compiled into a comprehensive data set that can be viewed through the Wildfire.Report web site, or downloaded for “off-line first” field operations using the forthcoming Wildfire.Report App. The app will provide firefighters a field deployable solution where there is little to no data connectivity, as well as help inform the public as to what’s happening around them in a time of need.

For more information please contact Wildfire.Report.