CA – CZU Lightning Complex Fire – 2020.08.23

CA – CZU Lightning Complex Fire – 2020.08.23

An in-depth map virtual fly through for Californian’s CZU Lightning Complex Wildfire for August 23, 2020. This video covers the progression of the wildfire burning between Pescadero and Santa Cruz, CA. Including the communities and areas of: Bonney Doon, Felton, Bend Lomond, Brookdale, Boulder Creek, Lompico, Big Basin Redwood State Park, Loma Mar, Ano Nuevo, Pelican Rock, Swanton, Davenport, Paradise Park and Scotts Valley.

The SCU Lightning Complex Wildfire is also visualized as part of the overview covering the San Francisco, San Jose, South Bay Area region in California.

The video visualizes the fires current bounds, thermal hot spots, contextual geographic data, statistical information (such as structures lost and acreage burned), a time history replay of events, and satellite based images of smoke distribution through the region.

This video visualization contains data from MODIS + VIIRS satellites, and compiles information from multiple publicly accessible data sets including the US Forest Service, NASA, RSAC, NIFC and NOAA.

WARNING! Wildfires are dangerous, and can result in sudden and significant loss of property and life. Always consult the most up to date fire information from your local city, county, state and/or first responders. Heed all warnings, notices and alerts.

For the latest national fire information and links to local fire updates go to:


Code & Response Film Screening

Join us at the 2019 Napa Valley Film Festival for a special screening of the film Code and Response.

2018 was the worst year on record for natural disasters. Code & Response takes us into the heart of the aftermath of some of those disasters as we meet the first responders who are supported by innovative technology. Follow four coders from around the world (Japan, Puerto Rico, California, and Mexico) to learn about why they are getting involved, as well as how they are building technologies to help first responders save lives.

The film will be screening on Nov. 15th at 10AM in the Lincoln Theater in Yountville, CA, and again on Nov. 17th at 8PM in the Copia Theater in Napa. Wildfire.Report founder Kenji Kato will be in attendance as part of the Q&A after the screening on Nov. 15th. For more information about Code & Response at the Napa Valley Film Festival you can go here.

Trailer for Code & Response

Code & Response

The idea for Wildfire.Report was born out of previous work the Kenji Kato had done in response to Wildfires that occurred in WA and CA starting as far back as 2014. The idea itself came into sharper focus as a prototype during the 2018 Call for Code global developer challenge. As part of the inaugural year IBM had a documentary crew select several teams to follow during the competition. Kenji and Wildfire.Report were one of those teams that they followed for the documentary. You can watch the trailer for the IBM Original Code & Response here.

Code & Response – A Film by IBM Originals
Code & Response Official Trailer